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This site offers high quality saddles restored their best standard

Equitack has a group of extremely skilled and qualified professionals to ensure a high-quality, artisanal product. They only use materials of the highest quality to achieve these excellent results. With you have the best quality in terms of restored saddle. This siteguarantees the quality of its product. Every you buy on the site are quality restored saddles that can fit all your needs for ridding and are available anytime you will browse on the site.

Products for saddles and riding

Equitack designs and develops its products in its plant with modern and extensive facilities by combining traditional craftsmanship with the progress of research. The work is done by hand and its employees ' experience is distributed in specialty areas: carpentry, cutting area, armor joining, bowls, seats, chairs and quality control of assembly. To give the best result, the high qualifications of its 100 workers are added. All products are traditionally manufactured because it is the only way to produce a saddle of high quality. A philosophy has always been to produce the highest seat performance, layout and development, designed to bring comfort to the rider as the saddles used by the cwd gain maximum attention to the horse. They are made by craftsmen with selected high-quality materials in accordance with the market's highest quality standards.

The guarantee for equitack

This is one of our products ' main features, their high quality. See here as Equitack only works with exceptional quality skins and leathers, calibrated and developed by the tanning of vegetables. From traditional leather and for this type of raw material, rigorous quality controls have been passed by European authorities. Accessories and fittings are also of established value and European manufacturing. The factory has a team dedicated to developing new products with the idea of maximizing the chair's adaptability to the horse's movements and getting the best comfort for the rider. All of this allows us to say that choosing an Equitack chair means choosing the rider's quality, durability, horse care, and comfort.

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