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Top quality used saddles from top brands !

You do not want to invest a considerable amount of money in a saddle that after a few uses ends up cracking? In this case, you should opt for a used saddle that is much more practical and resistant.

Why buy a used saddle?

Rather than buying new saddles at expensive prices, why not buy fine used saddle that are both practical and reasonably priced? Because they are cheaper, they usually belong to very big brands and have already been broken by riders. The term "break" does not mean here being damaged, but the fact that the saddle in question has already taken the form of the rider, which will make its use more comfortable. Second-hand saddles are also saddles that will derail which will allow your horse to perform some exercises with much greater ease. Most used saddles are also adapted to the morphology of your horse by the fact that they are light which will allow the animal to make several movements without feeling too much weight.

Used second-hand saddles

You can find on equestrian sites several types of saddles of brands, but there are some that are very coveted by horse and riding enthusiasts. In the first place there is the Butet which is a saddle of dressage. This beautiful saddle used in hazel color and whose warranty is 3 months. Then there is the Antares which is a saddle of mixed discipline very comfortable and light. There is also the Childeric Saddle which is a saddle dressage black and whose warranty is 6 months. Then there is the Devoucoux which is also used for training. This saddle is lightweight and really practical. There is also the prestige which is a dressage saddle available in black color and whose guarantee is 6 months.

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