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Top quality horse riding equipment

To make your daily life easier, Equitack offers a wide range of stable equipment and horse equipment, including used ranch saddles for sale. So do not waste your time and go get better qualities in stool.

The challenge of choosing the right saddle

Buying your own saddle is an important step to take when you are a rider. When you choose to take the plunge, it is important to know how to choose a saddle adapted to your needs and your horse: indeed, not all saddles are suitable for all riders and especially all horses. There are many brands of stool and it is sometimes difficult to navigate, especially when you want to buy his saddle online.

Why is it important to choose your saddle?

Riding with an uncomfortable saddle is really embarrassing. We will have pain in the buttocks, but also in the back and even in the thighs. In addition to this discomfort is added fatigue, since we will try to compensate for the bad posture generated by the saddle. In the end, we benefit less, which is a shame, and it can even be dangerous because we are less focused. In addition to our comfort, we must also take into account that of the horse. He can too, be embarrassed by a saddle not at all adapted. Moreover, depending on the discipline practiced, the shape of the saddle is not always the same.

The best brands of saddles

Here is the selection of stool brands that I recommend: Norton, Waldhausen, Kerbl, Acavallo, Amesbichler, Bates, Decathlon, AMKA, Engel Reitsport, Harry Horse, HKM, Karlslund, Umbria equitazione.

To conclude, it is therefore essential to choose a saddle in adequacy with the discipline that one practices regularly. Finally, given the price of a saddle, both take the time to choose the model. It is more recommended to have a saddle for each discipline

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