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The saddle that ticks all the boxes

You can not practice riding without a saddle adapted to your morphology and your horse. You must find a model of quality to excel in your discipline. Choosing your horse's saddle is as important as choosing your horse itself. We help you to find the perfect saddle, the one that ticks all the boxes.

Choose a suitable saddle

A saddle must first and foremost be adapted to your sport. Several points must be considered before making your purchase. The size of the seat, the conformation of the seat (which can be hollow or flat) and the size of the quarters. Depending on your discipline, you will find saddles designed exclusively for jumping, for training or saddles designed for hiking. Alternatively, you can acquire a mixed saddle that can be used to practice multiple activities. This type of versatile saddle is however more suitable for leisure than for sport. The shape, size, strapping, aesthetics are all criteria to evaluate before choosing your saddle riding. You can also opt for a saddle with a lining to increase your comfort. It is, however, quite expensive.

New or used saddle?

New saddles are not necessarily the most performing. Used models sold by many professionals will also provide you with all the comfort you need to fully practice riding. Moreover, by choosing this second option, you will be able to acquire worn saddles from major brands of accessories and equipment for riding, such as antares saddles for example. They are sold at very advantageous prices to allow you to practice your favorite discipline without breaking the bank. In addition, the most expensive saddles will not necessarily allow you to ride better. If you are unsure of your choice, do not hesitate to ask your seller for advice. Finally, do not forget to always test the saddle you intend to buy.

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