Make sure the horse and yourself feel comfortable during the ride

Because an equestrian hike can not be improvised and requires a minimum of preparation, some important points must be checked when choosing, to ensure the comfort and safety of the "couple". During this time, you can buy used french saddles, which are perfectly adapted for your horse.

Comfortable paces

When you leave for an hour, you do not care, but for the ride, the comfort of the horse becomes essential. If his trot and gallop are fluid and move little rider in his saddle, it will be less tiring for one as for the other. But it is especially at pace, basic pace hiking, that must be attentive: a sway too pronounced can cause, the rider, side points, stiffness or excessive friction, which may degenerate into injury. However, care should be taken to choose a horse with the active step, which engages correctly: the hind hoof must come forward in front of the trace of the anterior hoof.

Good preparation

Regarding your mount, check its harness. It must be well adjusted so as not to hurt and that it can comfortably enjoy the exit. Also pay attention to her general condition: dress her well and check that her feet are clean. To avoid injury to the limbs if it slips or stumbles, do not hesitate to equip your horse with gaiters, bells or ball guards. For you, take a bomb or a helmet, which can protect your head in case of fall or low branches.

Clothing side, protect yourself by putting on pants and long sleeves, which will prevent you from scratching branches or brambles and limit insect bites. Conversely, if it's bad weather, equip yourself while paying attention to the matter. Indeed, the plastic can snap in case of wind and scare a horse not desensitized.

So, you now know how to ride safely, while remaining as comfortable as possible. It is enough to equip oneself well and to take into account all the essential technical aspects in the driving of the animal.


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