Glance through the equipment and accessories available is a saddler company that distributes major brands for horse accessories. Very popular on the online market especially, this shop presents the best sales of horse accessories in the world.

This website is for horse experts

Equitack is a saddler sale and other accessories for horses launched in October 2016. The starting idea comes from a passionate horse who just wants to share their opinions with others and as the saddle is the indispensable tool of a horse it is appropriate to let enjoy the followers. Then the partners also came to launch their product, and now has more than a hundred brands on the market. In fact, it is not only the used brands on the platform, but also the new labels. The site remains a good reference for those embarking on the world of professionalism or pure pleasure. The site has the expert advice section.

Available all round the clock

Once that you visit the site; there is an operator online that is available to you all through. Then, the presentation of is modern, and the sections are very interesting. There is an album to discover in image the products available on the market. Everything is displayed, and the identity card is well detailed. The site has a special service, and it gives a small methodology to make yourself a small inventory of the saddle, to be able to know what to check when you buy. It offers all its customers a 7-days trial, for a saddle it is a sufficient time for a product test. If you buy a used saddle in a good saddler, there is a good chance that the pros have already verified that the saddle is still in use. says: "We make a point of honour that the horse and the rider are good in their saddle, because a poorly adapted saddle necessarily leads to a bad position of the rider, and therefore a bad evolution but especially pains for your horse."


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