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Can you treat horses with hydrotherapy ?

There’s something almost spiritual about the healing properties of water. Humans have used this life-giving liquid to encourage healing, in themselves and in their horses, since the dawn of your time. Water cleanses (in fact, several of the world’s

Running Water

So basic, yet so effective: that’s what hosing an injury is. once you aim running water from a hose at (or just above) a replacement injury site, you sweep away dirt and debris within the gentlest way. Provided the water is cold, you furthermore may encourage the inflammatory process to hamper , reducing the quantity of swelling and pain your horse is experiencing. Cold hosing is often one among the foremost useful ways of reducing inflammation. Because the water is flowing, it doesn’t tend to warm up in reaction to equine body heat (and lose its effectiveness), and since the hose is mobile, you'll use it almost anywhere on your horse’s body. Cold hosing requires no special skills to use , aside from a modicum of patience, and since it are often done almost anywhere, anytime, it should be considered the primary line of defense when a replacement injury–a kick, a cut, a bump, a bruise–occurs.

Cold Water Therapy

The application of cold hydrotherapy to the skin surface triggers three reactions. It works at a cellular level, restraining the metabolic response of the cells, in order that they will better survive the not-so-beneficial side-effects of healing. In essence, it puts them into a state of hibernation, in order that the cells need less oxygen to function, and thereby suffer less hypoxic injury. Cold therapy also decreases the permeability of the vessel walls, limiting the flow of enzymes that sound the alarm and thus reducing the quantity of fluid that accumulates within the area after using the scrub on your whole body. As anyone who has held an ice pack to a black eye knows, the cold also numbs the world to a particular degree, acting as a topical analgesic of jacuzzi spa tubs.

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