Best saddles for ponies

You want to do some riding only for this time, do you want to take your child with you? Would you like to have a good time with him, but also to initiate him from an early age to horse riding? The small problem is that you do not know much about saddles for ponies? Know that there are many saddles for pony.

The best saddles for ponies

To assemble a pony, you are strongly advised to choose synthetic saddles and preferably used french saddles which have the advantage of being durable. Thanks to this one, your child will be able to enjoy completely the moment that it passes with the pony, because this type of saddle limits the warm-ups which are sources of discomfort for the pony and the rider. There are, for example, mple bardettes which are intended for the initiation of small who want to practice riding. This type of saddle is ideal for a good start thanks to its wide and comfortable seat. It is also equipped with a good handle to ensure the fixity of your child's hand. This saddle can also be associated with a croupier to guarantee the stability on the back of the pony. There is also Evolution Guy Cantin pony leather. It is a very important pedagogical innovation that is not only attractive but also very reassuring. This pony saddle is available for children from 3 to 11 years old. It is very comfortable and has a crescent-shaped knob to secure the seat.

Maintenance: a major step for any saddle

Know that even if you got the best saddle in the world, you have to maintain it after each use so that it does not break down. The ideal is to pass a sponge soaked in glycerine soap after each use. This soap has the role of cleaning the leather and feeding it. If you do not do it often the leather of the saddle will become dry and it will crack. After the rain, you are advised not to dry the saddle close to a source of heat, because the drying temperature must be tempered in order to avoid too fast drying of the latter. A dry saddle can cause a real feeling of discomfort when your child goes back on his pony. To have a better saddle, know how to maintain it!


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