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A few tips on buying a used saddle

Before talking about our topics, you have to think about the result of buying a wrong size of a saddle, and after, you choose the best one for the rider and horse’s activity.

How to measure horse height?

You can use a put ribbon to take the best size of your back horse. You have to start at the top of the horse, just on his Withers until the Croup. And in his ribs to start on the shoulder till the stifle to measure the length. About the garrote, you can exceed two fingers on the measure saddle, just try it on the accessory installed on the shop and put two fingers on the garrote. It is also important to learn about how to saddle your horse, because if it is in a wrong position, it will hurt him. Just put in nearest the Withers, but not in it, and you have to verify about this also. Now, you choose the quality of your saddle.

How to buy a saddle?

There are so many types of used saddles, but it depends of the size’s horse and its activity rider. If it is for a sport activity, like a jumping horse, or cross horse, you choose the saddles for its physical activities. There is a saddle especially for a barrier activity, for a training with a cross and its depend also about the manufacturing. Every country that have horse activity have his own builder saddle, like French saddles and the Carcassonne spectacle. Every detail is precious about the position of your legs, feet, and the comfort seat. If you buy a new saddle, yes, it cost you some dollars, but you have a choice to choose the solid on. In contrary of the used one, saddle may have his own texture from his old owner, and it is so difficult to correct it on your horse, but you can apply all technics that we have told you above.

You have to take care also about the quality of material, on leather or synthetic one, but it depends of your budget.

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