26 Mai 2021 à 20h32 - 1038

Some misconceptions for the maintenance of your spa

Everyone knows the cost of purchasing a jacousie. A spa rate can go up to several thousand euros. So we want to do everything we can to keep it in good working order. In this interview process, pay attention to a few received ideas.

Idea 1: Add antifreeze to your spa water!

Antifreeze is one of the products used for spa maintenance but which presents some risks. It is difficult to remove from the piping. Antifreeze residues are toxic and produce dangerous effects if in contact with the skin.

Idea 2: Use bleach to disinfect your spa and clean its cover

To disinfect the water, certain cleaning products are used such as bleach, chlorine, bromine, ozone. However, these products contain chemicals that can damage the spa shell, filtration system and spa cover.

Idea 3: The ozonator replaces cleaning products

Ozone has a short lifespan of 15 minutes. In view of this short action and despite the effectiveness of ozone it must be combined with other water treatment products such as chlorine, bromine and natural products such as Science Water Treatment. However, the ozonator plays an important role in reducing the amount of treatment products and in water balance.

Idea 4: Using chlorine in spa water causes eye burns

Other than skin irritation from chlorine, a burning sensation in the eyes is also seen during a spa session. The main cause of this burn is the imbalance of the pH and / or alkalinity of the water. A low level of PH and a very high level of alkalinity causes this bodily discomfort as the water becomes caustic and corrosive.

Idea 5: Clean your spa filter in the dishwasher

The fibers of the filter are easily damaged by the high temperature of the dishwasher. To remedy this, clean the filter on average twice a month. Soak it, once a quarter and overnight, in a non-foamy cleaning solution. This solution dissolves all the impurities and grease in the filter.

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