Discover the horse from Kentucky

The Kentucky horses are raised in the mountains by the inhabitants of the hills and valleys of eastern Kentucky, for the demanding needs of farm life. They probably originated in Southeast American horses. They are related to the Tennessee walker and other breeds of gait. Many breeds of horse were developed in the United States and Canada to suit the terrain, environment and the use they were intended for. One such breed is the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse that originated in the state of Kentucky. These horses are closely related to the Tennessee walking horse and other similar breeds originating in the southern. There are two registries. One accepts solid colors, the other accepts only horses with pinto and extensive white markings. Its smooth gaits and hardiness make it a popular choice for riders who would like a gaited horse. Gaited horses are great for those riders with bad backs or are otherwise looking for a smooth ride.

The Kentucky Horse is athletic

The Kentucky Horse is generally of medium size, with a compact and well-muscled model. He must have a good bone and substance, while being athletic and refined. The head is of medium size, with a straight profile and a broad forehead. The neck is of medium thickness and length, well arched and the tourniquet is little out. The chest is deep and the shoulder well inclined.

Use of Kentucky Horse

Although they are called Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses they are equally talented hitched to a cart or sleigh. Their smooth gait and sure-footedness make them wonderful trail horses and ideal for riders with bad backs. They were bred to be an all-purpose horse equally useful for riding, driving and general farm work. The rough terrain of the area they were developed in required them to be surefooted and reliable, with a calm temperament. The Kentucky Horse was developed as a utility horse, by farmers looking for a small horse that could take on the dual function of a mighty working horse and comfortable riding horse.

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